Marywood Beef

Try our lean, tender and healthy natural beef today and taste the difference!

Our beef is raised on a family farm in South Western Ontario. We feed an all-vegetable diet with no growth hormones and the meat is harvested at an early age for tenderness. We are offering you a healthy, safe, and delicious food, raised by our family for your family.

    Packages Price
Ground Beef Ground Sirloin (Lean Ground Beef) 1 lbs $5.50 / pkg
Steaks Blade Eye 4 to 5 lbs box $7.00 / lbs
Steaks Sirloin 4 to 5 lbs box $9.00 / lbs
Steaks Striploins and Rib Eye 4 to 5 lbs box $11.00 / lbs
Sunday Roasts (Outside & Inside Round) 4 to 5 lbs $6.00 / lbs
Sunday Roasts (Sirloin) 4 to 5 lbs $7.00 / lbs


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Marywood Simmentals Beef


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